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Outdoor Living Space – Water Features – Hardscapes – Landscaping

Upcott’s Landscaping & Design has been providing professional landscaping services throughout south-east Michigan for the past 20 years. Whether you need complete services or just a change of scenery, Upcott’s will provide you with quality service and the expertise to make your dreams a reality. No matter what your budget is, we have full confidence that we can create an attractive landscape that is based on your lifestyle and needs.

Landscape development depends on the synergistic relationship between design, construction and maintenance. Although the overall success of a project relies on input from each phase, the design provides the blue-print for operations. With our own experienced landscape designer, a horticulturist, stone and brick specialist, and other landscape craftsmen on staff, you can be assured that from the design through completion, we will customize your landscape to achieve its full potential.

When the project is completed we are satisfied if the casual observer cannot tell what came first–the house or the landscape.